Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement

The John and Alice Tyler Prize is awarded for environmental science, environmental health and energy conferring great benefit upon mankind. The Prize is endowed by gifts from the Alice C. Tyler Charitable Trust and the John C. Tyler Trust and awardees are chosen annually by the Executive Committee. The University of Southern California administers the Tyler Prize.

Download the Nomination Form (PDF)

Selection Criteria

Prizes are awarded for any one of the following:
The protection, maintenance, improvement or understanding of an ecological or an environmental condition anywhere in the world.
The discovery, further development, improvement, or understanding of known or new sources of energy.
Medical discoveries or achievements with such worldwide implications that they significantly benefit environmental aspects of human health.


Living individuals or public or private institutions of any nation, are eligible for nomination.

Who May Nominate

Persons eligible to make nominations include, but are not limited to:
Any individuals or entity active in fields such as biology, oceanography, geology, medicine, public health, chemistry, and physics; engineers in.fields such as civil, environmental, petroleum and chemical engineering, and social scientists in fields such as geography, political science, economics and the law; and universities, research institutions and their members.
Self nominations are not accepted.

Nomination Procedures

We would prefer your submission to be sent electronically.
Download the Nomination Form (PDF)
Please forward all materials to the following E-mail address:
Nominations must be submitted in the English Language and include the following information:
Name, professional or home mailing address, present occupational title and institutional title.
Nominee's vita or resume
If an institution or corporation is nominated, identify the administrative office of the organization or subgroup responsible for the accomplishments cited.
A one-page summary of the individual's or institution's accomplishments, discovery, improvement, or other contribution for which the award is proposed.  Please include additional supporting materials (i.e. articles, publications or other exemplary materials that demonstrate the candidate  or institutions contributions).
Three or more letters of recommendation mailed directly to us from individuals who are able to assess the nominee's contribution. Identify three-to-five additional references who might be contacted by the Executive Committee.

Length of Candidacy

Nominees will be considered for three years.

Nomination Deadline

Nominations for the Tyler Prize must be received by Friday, September 13, 2013. Related credentials, supporting material and letters of reference must be received by the deadline.

Tax Provisions

Individual recipients will have the following options pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1986:
Receive all of the Prize money
Designate one or more charitable institutions appropriately qualified by the Internal Revenue Service to receive the money.
A combination of the above. Any funds retained by an individual recipient and not transferred to a charitable institution as referred to, above, will be subject to federal income tax in the United States, under the provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

Mail Nominations to:

Amber Brown
The Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
3616 Trousdale Parkway #410
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0371 USA
213-740-9760 Telephone
213-740-1313 Fax
E-mail: tylerprz@usc.edu

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