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Welcome to our center for development organizations in the field who are interested in beginning, continuing, or integrating micronutrient distribution projects into existing field programs. Here you will find information on the types of projects that Vitamin Angels supports, and how you can apply for a product grant.

For more information on how we can partner with your organization to reduce child mortality worldwide, please view our Corporate Capability Brochure.

If you have already received a product grant from Vitamin Angels, please download and review the important documents located at:

Vitamin Angels Programs
Our two main programs include Operation 20/20, a vitamin A campaign, and Thrive to Five, a multivitamin campaign. Qualified organizations can apply to receive any of the following commodities donated by Vitamin Angels:

Operation 20/20
Thrive to Five

Vitamin Angels Grantee Eligibility Requirements
Vitamin Angels grants selected micronutrient commodities to qualified non-profit organizations able to connect essential micronutrients, especially vitamin A, with beneficiaries that meet three requirements, including:

Beneficiaries must be situated in the U.S., and/or within selected countries (generally consistent with WHO or UNICEF identified vitamin A deficiency priority countries) in Africa, Asia, or Latin and South America,
  1. Beneficiaries must be 6-59 months of age, and/or pregnant or lactating women, AND
    Beneficiaries must be underserved with respect to access to essential micronutrients, generally meaning they meet one of the following criteria:
  2. Qualified non-profit organizations will further meet the following criteria:
If your organization meets all of these criteria, please fill out the appropriate application below.
For more information on use, dosage, and administration of universal vitamin A deficiency (VAD) prevention programs, please see Vitamin Angels Guidelines for Use of Vitamin A Supplements.

Vitamin Angels does NOT provide product for traveling medical missions abroad. We focus our resources on in-country micronutrient programs that are ongoing and reach the same children year upon year for greater impact. If you are with a traveling medical mission and want to take vitamins with you, we recommend searching for other non-profit organization geared toward provision of health care supplies for this purpose at

Additional Important Information
Please contact us at
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