Erasmus Mundus Master in Geospatial Technologies

Geographic Information is a rapidly growing economical sector: it is suggested, that 80 % of all decisions in Economy and Politics have a spatial relation. The goal of the Masters program in Geospatial Technologies is to form specialists able to carry out a wide variety of geospatial projects in industry and academics.
The Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies qualifies for a professional career in the following domains:
  • Private sector: GI applications and consulting in the domains of regional planning, landscape planning, financial services industry, energy providing industry, transportation, agriculture and forestry, and retailing/marketing;
  • Research: Applied sciences at universities and other research institutions;
  • Public sector: GI applications and consulting in local and regional administrations, especially in cadastre and different types of planning (e.g., regional, traffic, ecology).
The Master's program targets holders of a Bachelor's degree with a qualification in application areas of Geographic Information (GI), e.g., environmental planning, regional planning, geography, logistics, transportation, marketing, energy provision, computer science.
The international Masters program (Master of Science, M.Sc.) in Geospatial Technologies is a cooperation of:
The Masters program in Geospatial Technologies has been selected within the Erasmus Mundus Programme, 2007 - 2013, project reference 2007-0064/001 FRAME MUNB123.
The Masters program in Geospatial Technologies has been re-selected for five further editions starting in 2012, project reference FPA-2012-0191.
Erasmus Mundus scholarships: New call for applications PDF Print Email
The new call for applications 2012 for Erasmus mundus scholarships in the Master's program in Geospatial Technologies is open now. Start of the next edition of the Masters program will be September 1, 2012. We will be able to provide the following scholarships (numbers to be confirmed):
  • 5 financial contributions to EU students (in this context nationals or residents (> 1 year) from EU Member States and EEA-EFTA countries). 
  • 1 full scholarship each to students from the three “Windows” (a. Western Balkans and Turkey, b. Tunesia and Egypt, c. "Eastern Neighbourhood Countries" (i.e. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine).
  • 7 full scholarships to third country students (other nationals or residents than above). 
  • 2 scholarships for third country scholars (visiting researchers), starting ~ September 1, 2012, either in Lisbon, Portugal, or Castellón, Spain.
For more details about the actual scholarships, please download the full call for application here...
To apply for the Master's program, please visit 'How to apply...'

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