LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform tackling sustainability challenges within materials and manufacturing. LAUNCH Nordic partners are united by a commitment to helping green the value chain of materials, initiate industry collaborations, and scale sustainability innovations in materials.

LAUNCH Nordic unites partners willing to move beyond competitive innovations, instead engaging in collaborative innovation and systems mobilization.
LAUNCH is searching for innovators with potential to make history through new ways of design and manufacturing for a circular economy.

We will select up to 10 innovative solutions and invite these innovators into the LAUNCH community.  Here, we will help them scale through collaboration with a world-class group of industry pioneers, government organizations, investors, innovation experts and technical capacities.
We are looking for:
  • Products that are designed to be reused and designed to last
  • Products that are built, recycled and disposed of with no negative impact for nature
  • Products manufactured locally using the natural and recycled resources available right around us
  • We want to use digital capabilities to help us responsibly manage our limited global resources
If you are working on an innovation with the potential to accelerate the shift to a circular and inclusive society, submit your application before September 1st!

Who can participate?
Any person, company, or organisation from anywhere in the world can apply with an idea, technology, or business plan that specifically addresses the current LAUNCH Nordic challenge statement.

Why should I participate?
Participation in the LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge can help mature your innovation, and open the door to countless new opportunities.

The selected finalists will participate in the LAUNCH Nordic Forum, where they will present their innovations to and receive focused counseling from the LAUNCH Council.

The Council is an international panel from some of the world’s leading businesses, academic and policy institutions, and NGOs. Following the Forum, innovators will become part of the LAUNCH Accelerator process, where LAUNCH Nordic will facilitate access to and realisation of the opportunities identified at the Forum.

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