Construction Supervisor at Habitat for Humanity Cambodia _Deadline: 15-Sep-2011

Workplace: Siem Reap Program Unit
Report to: Technical report to Construction Team Leader, but direct management report to Siem Reap Program Officer.
Job Type: Full Time
Job Application: Download application form

Take responsibility to coordinate, lead and supervise house construction processes are carried out technically correct and efficient through visiting and monitoring the building site(s) daily and works closely with skilled laborers, home-partners and related partners at community level in order to achieve annual plan and project goal. This position will work closely with Construction Team Leader, program team, and Volunteer Teams to build simple, decent and affordable house for the needy family in Siem Reap Province.

  1. Designing Low Cost House: With technical support from Construction Team Leader and the technical team, design low cost sustainable house for HFHI-C housing program. This includes conduct consultation meeting with community people for community inputs, making designs, adjust the design regularly in order to lower the cost with good quality for a simple, decent and affordable house for the poor.
  2. Construction Supervision: With technical support from construction team leader, highly responsible for all processes of house construction including site preparation, housing structure, and finishing construction work. Make sure that all skilled workers and Homeowners understand and accept the agreed house sizes and technical standards. All construction materials and supplies must be well controlled and maintained in a good manner. Take responsibility to develop a clear monitoring tool for weekly construction progress of each house and keep reporting to construction team leader for taking immediate action if errors may be found during the ongoing construction.
  3. Construction Plan/Schedule: In cooperation with construction team leader, develop house construction plan and schedule in all target communities. Ensure that house construction schedule must be shared among skilled labors, homeowners and community partners. If volunteers come, a clear construction schedule must be in place and send to all related staffs, Units and partners prior to implementing construction work. House construction schedule includes required non-skilled and skilled labors, timeframe, materials and tools etc.
  4. Sweat Equity Control & Records: Be responsible to control and record all day-to-day working hours of each homeowner and ensure that the sweat equity records completed based on the standards of 250 hours and are agreed and signed by homeowner, construction supervisor and CLT then keep it in proper filing manner for reference.
  5. Material, Tools and Supplies Control & Maintenances: Be responsible to work with skilled labors to oversee and take care of all kinds of construction materials, tools and supplies at the construction sites. This position will work in close cooperation with homeowners, skilled labors and ensure that all supplies and tools deliveries are appropriately recorded and kept in a safe location. Maintain the check list of construction supplies and ensure that all the broken tools are written-off from the list and keep the check list in an up-to-date manner.
  6. Skilled Labor Supervision: Be actively involved in identifying and selecting skilled labors in the target communities. Work closely with CTL and community partners to recruit, conduct orientation/training to build their capacity on basic technical skills, community development, let them understand HFHI-C’s vision, mission and goals etc. Make sure that the skilled labors must practice in compliance to HFHI-C standards and procedures.
  7. House Costs Calculation for Homeowners: Issue the estimated house cost before construction and the final house cost after each construction completed. Process both-estimated cost and final house costs to be sent to Mortgage Administrator for developing saving matching and repayment schedule. The final house cost should be finished no longer than two weeks after the completion of construction.
  8. Technical Team Meeting/Training/Workshop: Be an active member of technical team and participate in all activities such as Construction Consultation Group (CCG) meeting, conducting training need assessment for skilled labors, design training modules and conduct actual training for them based on the needs. Participate in every meeting or workshop to discuss on technical aspects of the construction for sharing best practices and lesson learned among the team in order to reach HFHI minimum quality standards.
  9. Agreements and other contracts Preparation: Take responsible to process and prepare Pre-Agreement with homeowners for house construction and the construction contract with Skill Labor, then make sure that all contracts are signed by all line management and parties prior to go on implementing the construction.
  10. Other Administration and Paper works: Prepare C.A.R.D.S Vouchers for making cash advances and get approval from line managements to pay all expenditures for Project activities. Assist construction team leader to clear all papers work with the preferred service providers/suppliers to issue and delivery the construction materials to each homeowner during the Month and process closing invoice by end of Month then submit the final signed documents to Finance Unit for direct payments. Establish and maintain personal filings system in a good manner.
  11. Technical Coordination Work: Assist Program Officer to technically coordinate and work with Program Officer and other project staff and Technical Working group to conduct consultation meeting, training and workshop with community representatives, NGOs or district officers to discuss on construction.
  12. Project Development: Assist Program Officer to conduct socio-economic and physical survey in project target for situation analysis to develop project implementation plan for submission of Project Proposal to donors.
  13. Site Development Processes: Assist Program Officer to work with the Municipal Land Management of Siem Reap Province and other related Offices to work on site development plan such as re-blocking the land plots for families, drainage, water, electricity and road systems.
  14. Administration Responsibilities: Assist Program Officer to take responsibilities overall administrative works for Siem Reap Project such as traveling logistic arrangements, Office stationary, purchasing the office equipment for Siem Reap office, training or workshop organizing & logistics etc. Prepare all kinds of documents related to financial requirements to get cash advances for project activities expenditures.
  15. Report Writing: Submit Monthly report to Program Officer on the overall accomplishments of the Month by 24th of each Month.
  16. Others: Perform other task as request by Program Officer


  1. University degree, major in civil Engineer or Architect is required
  2. Be creative and ability to design low cost house design (simple, decent, affordable house)
  3. Good Communication and Facilitation skills.
  4. Ability to write and communicate in English and Excellent in Khmer
  5. Ability to work independently, under pressure and after hours as required
  6. Computer literate in MS Word, MS Excel, Window 98 – 2000, AutoCAD
  7. Fully commitment to Habitat for Humanity Vision, Mission Statement, and Mission Principles
  8. Willing to work as a team, honest and trust worthy person
  9. Must be able to travel long distance with project motorbike or vehicle
  10. Must be willing to learn new things for self development
  11. Must be willing to work and stay overnight in the rural area when needed
  12. Driving skill with license

  1. Experience in house construction and working with the poor at least one to two years with NGOs or private company.
  2. At least two years experience in community development or relevant work is an advantage
  3. At least 2 to 3 years experience in social work in urban context will be helpful

Interested candidates are required to submit a CV along with a completed HFHC application form to the HFHC office at NÂș 35Bis, Street 478, SangkatPhsar Deum Tkov, Khan Chamcar Morn, Phnom Penh. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. Email:
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. No return of CVs. Closing date is September 15, 2011 at 5:00PM.
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