Asian Graduate Student Fellowships

The Asian Graduate Student Fellowships (formerly known as the ASEAN Research Scholars Programme) are offered to graduate students from Asian countries working in the Humanities and Social Sciences on Asian topics, and allows the recipients to be based at NUS for a period of two and a half months. 

The aim of the fellowships is to enable scholars to make full use of the wide range of resources held in the libraries of NUS and the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. The graduate students take up their appointments from May to July each year.

As part of their programme at NUS, Asian Graduate students are given an opportunity to present a synopsis of their research and to describe how their stay at NUS has affected their intellectual development. The graduate students arrive on campus each year on May 16 and leave on July 31st. 

The presentations are scheduled at the end of July before they leave, in order to give the academic community here the chance to provide feedback such as additional sources which they could beneficially consult during the time remaining to them to be here.
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