Collaborative Awards in Science

Collaborative Awards promote the development of new ideas and speed the pace of discovery. We fund teams of researchers, consisting of independent research groups, to work together on the most important scientific problems that can only be solved through collaborative efforts.

Career stage:Leading a research programme
Where your host organisation is based:UK, Republic of Ireland, Low- or middle-income countries
Type of researcher:Basic, Clinical, Public health
Level of funding:Up to £4 million
Duration of funding:Up to 5 years

Who can apply

Collaborative Awards are for teams of researchers bringing together the relevant expertise and experience to address the most important scientific problems.  
Each applicant must be essential to the proposed collaborative research and have:
  • Proven research expertise and experience in their field.
  • An academic or research post (or equivalent).
  • A salary for the duration of the award period. If this is not in place, your employing organisation must provide a guarantee of salary support for the duration of the award.
Members of the team must have proven experience in collaborative research and consist of independent research groups.
Team size will depend on the proposed research, but should generally have more than two applicants, and no more than seven.

What we're looking for

Your proposal should describe a significant piece of work that addresses the most important questions, in an area relevant to the mission of the Wellcome Trust. 
You should be able to demonstrate why the scientific problem you are tackling can only be solved through an integrated, collaborative team effort.
We encourage interdisciplinary research collaborations, although they are not essential. We also encourage applications that propose interdisciplinary research across our Science, Humanities and Social Science and Innovations teams.
We will review:
  • the track records of all team members, relative to their career stage
  • the importance of your research question(s) to your field(s)
  • the feasibility of your proposal
  • the suitability of the environments in which you and your team members do the research
  • the time you and your team members will spend on the Collaborative Award, and how it fits in with other academic commitments.
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