Conservation International Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship

Creating opportunities for indigenous leaders and scholars to explore solutions to the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. 

Strong leadership and technical skills are essential elements of land stewardship and community development, and critical to policy engagement. Therefore, Conservation International (CI) and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD) have joined together to sponsor the Indigenous & Traditional Peoples Conservation Fellowship. This fellowship will provide opportunities for leaders and scholars from indigenous and traditional peoples communities and organizations to explore solutions to the impacts of climate change and the threats to ecosystems and biodiversity that are affecting their lands, communities and livelihoods.

It is essential to support indigenous peoples, local communities and their representative organizations in their efforts to build their capacity in these areas; increased capacity fosters the knowledge and skills required to engage in all aspects of ecosystem health and development, from local to global action.

Indigenous peoples' knowledge together with biodiversity and climate-related science can help communities face increasing threats on their lands and territories and confront the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. This year long fellowship aims to provide space for dialogue to respect, recognize and incorporate traditional knowledge in local efforts and take advantage of the scientific information available at many institutions and universities.

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