UN-HABITAT Urban Youth Fund

Youth-led organizations in developing countries working to improve the lives of young people and their communities can now seek financing for their projects through the UN-HABITAT Urban Youth Fund. The Fund will provide grants for innovative projects that promote employment, good governance, shelter and secure tenure.

Only applicants aged 15-32 from cities in developing countries can qualify for a grant. Support will be provided primarily for those working to improve slum conditions and to raise opportunities for young people growing up in poverty. Projects encouraging gender equality or involving partnerships with the government or the private sector are particularly welcome. Small development initiatives are eligible for grants of up to USD 5,000, and larger projects up to USD 25,000.
Globally, 85 percent of the world’s young people live in developing countries. An increasing number of these young people are growing up in cities. In many cities on the African continent, more than 70 per cent of inhabitants are under the age of 30. Young people, especially girls and women, are the most vulnerable to social problems caused by unemployment and poverty. With more than 200 million youth living in poverty globally, there is a clear need to meaningfully engage and support youth.

UN-HABITAT, which regards youth as a major force for a better world, supports young people in the drive to alleviate poverty. The Habitat Agenda commits governments and UN-HABITAT to work in partnership with youth and empower them to participate in decision-making in order to improve urban livelihoods and develop sustainable human settlements.

Governments which oversee UN-HABITAT in 2007 adopted a resolution to establish the UN-HABITAT Youth Fund. Its aims are to:
  • Mobilise young people for better youth-related policy formulation.
  • Help governments, non-governmental, civil society and private-sector organizations better understand and respond to youth concerns.
  • Support youth information networks;
  • Pilot and demonstrate new ideas on employment, governance, adequate shelter and secure tenure;
  • Share and exchange best practices;
  • Promote vocational training and credit mechanisms for entrepreneurship and employment;
  • Promote gender mainstreaming in all urban youth matters.
The Opportunities Fund for Urban Youth-Led Development , as it is officially called, was launched on 4 November 2008 at the fourth session of the World Urban Youth Forum in Nanjing, China.

How To Apply
To apply for the Youth Fund, please complete the following steps:
  • Download the application documents and carefully study the application guidelines to ensure they qualify to receive a grant;
  • Fill in the official application form in English, French or Spanish and answer the questions;
  • Complete the check list to ensure all mandatory documents are attached;
  • Submit the application to one of the following addresses before the deadline:
African and Arab Statesyouthfund@unhabitat.org
Latin-America and the Caribbeanyouthfund@onuhabitat.org
Asia and the Pacific youthfund@esocialsciences.com

Application Material

Application guidelines
Application form
Budget form
Logical framework


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