Volunteer with VSO Canada

VSO Canada is proud to be the Canadian partner of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). VSO is an international development agency that works through volunteers. We promote volunteering to fight global poverty, by supporting people to share skills, creativity and learning with communities around the world. Through personal commitment and practical action, volunteers help build a fairer world.
VSO Canada contributes to VSO's vision, purpose and values by recruiting, training and matching volunteers from North America to placements that meet the requests of our overseas partners.

VSO volunteers work in partnership with people in more than 30 developing countries, contributing to development goals in Education, HIV and AIDS, Disability, Health and Social Well-being, Secure Livelihoods and Participation and Governance. VSO Canada also contributes to innovative volunteering initiatives such as Youth Volunteering, National Volunteering and Business Partnerships.

In North America, VSO works with our network of returned volunteers and local groups to build awareness and understanding of international cooperation.

Since the founding of VSO in the United Kingdom in 1958, more than 30,000 volunteers have been sent in response to the requests of our partners in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. On any given day there are approximately 1,500 VSO volunteers sharing their skills in more than 30 countries. Could you be one of them? more

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