Volunteer with Thai-Experience

Thai-Experience is a non governmental organization (NGO) based in Nongkhai, Thailand. At the moment we work with local partners in Thailand but our network is constantly growing and reaching out to the neighboring countries. We support local organizations and projects because we believe that this is the best way to enable them to help themselves in the future.

Coming from different cultural backgrounds, tolerance and curiosity for different frames of reference are our strength. We are not bound by any religion, ideology or political party as this would limit our work. We work in favor of people with less opportunities, mainly poor children, disabled people and village women.
Reasons for volunteering in Thailand vary. Some want personal development, others look for cross cultural awareness, or Thai culture and Buddhism studies. Many just want to help.

"Volunteers get more" - is our program's slogan. Volunteering is fun. You spend your time with people who share the same impressions. You gain work experience and have enough time for sightseeing, thai language classes, games and other leisure activities.

There are possibilities to learn meditation, Yoga, get a Reiki treatment or initiation, visit a Thai herbal sauna, go to the gym to work out, go to swimming pools to relax, do Tai Chi (or Tai Gek as it is called here), learn Thai cooking and many other activities.

Volunteering is partly work, partly vacation and a different travel experience in Thailand. See and experience more than the average tourist or backpacker. Go home with a different perspective, memories that will last and new friends made. Learn about "Third World" issues and gain cross-cultural awareness, a valuable skill to add to your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume in this time of globalization. more
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