Volunteer with Saint Vincent Pallotti Center

The Saint Vincent Pallotti Center is to promote lay volunteer service that challenges the laity, clergy and religious to work together in the mission of the Church. Our goal is to support lay volunteers before, during and after their term of service.

The Centers take their inspiration from Saint Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850) who believed passionately in the laity, in each person as being an image of God and as called by baptism to be an apostle. Vincent Pallotti also noted, "Remember that the Christian life is one of action, not of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and many deeds, and let them be done well
These programs link up volunteers with communities in need, and support the volunteers through a variety of ways, including community living arrangements, spiritual development opportunities, professional development, stipends, and AmeriCorps Educational Awards. These programs place volunteers as case workers in social service agencies, as teachers in schools, as activity directors in shelters, and in countless other communities and positions. Most require a one-year commitment, some require shorter or longer commitments. The St. Vincent Pallotti Center supports these faith-based programs. Ninety-eight percent of these programs are Catholic, meaning that they are rooted in a spiritual understanding of the call to service, but are open to people of all faiths. The Pallotti Center supports and promotes the work of these organizations through publications such as Connections, a directory of volunteer opportunities, and newsletters for current and former volunteers.more
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