Volunteer with Project Trust

Project Trust began in 1967 when a group of people, spearheaded by Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, set up an educational trust with the aim of sending young people abroad to work alongside local communities and learn from them.

The first three boys went to work at a school owned by Alexander Desta, the grandson of the then Emperor of Ethiopia, in a shanty town area of Addis Ababa. Over the past thirty three years more than four thousand young people have followed in the footsteps of the three pioneers.

They have gone to over fifty countries, and the work they have done includes building the original airstrip at Port Stanley in the Falklands, manhandling the first Range Rover ever built through the rain forests of Panama, setting up and running a primary school in Kenya, delivering babies in South Africa, rowing in Egypt's national rowing finals and becoming the surrogate mother to an orphaned chimpanzee in Uganda. more
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