Volunteer with New Development Experience

New Development Experience (“NDE”) offers social entrepreneurship volunteering programs, Spanish language programs for educators, as well as exciting travel programs in Guatemala. NDE is led by former Guatemala Peace Corps volunteers and international development professionals who have unmatched experience in creating opportunities for both local and international constituents. Having consulted for and created education, tourism, artisan, health care, technology and agricultural ventures in this amazing country, we have in-depth knowledge about what the amazing Maya people have to offer.
Join us for the international experience of a lifetime where you will not only observe, but rather learn about and create a friendship with this country and its people. As a recent participant said "NDE is about the local touch.
It creates the opportunity to live, talk, play, and bond with local Guatemalans. From whom better could I have learned about the needs that development serve?" We have designed our programs so that you are truly investing in yourself in a way that improves others' lives . Can you think of a better way to spend your time? more
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