Volunteer with International Center for Equal Healthcare Access

The International Center for Equal Healthcare Access (ICEHA) is a not-for-profit organization that engages experienced healthcare professionals to rapidly scale-up the clinical skills of colleagues in resource-poor countries, using an innovative method of mentoring. ICEHA currently focuses on HIV and infectious diseases.

Although antiretroviral (anti-AIDS) medication is more widely available in the developing world, the human resources needed to administer these drugs are still woefully inadequate. ICEHA's clinical mentoring program, in which ICEHA's volunteer clinical mentors transfer their medical expertise, was specifically designed to rapidly scale up the skills of local caregivers. This allows them to provide the best HIV care possible within the existing resource limitations in their clinics. Typically within a few months hundreds if not thousands of patients have access to care when none existed before.
International Volunteer Opportunities for Non-Medical Volunteers:Non-medical professionals (e.g. social workers, health educators) who have significant experience with people living with HIV/AIDS are also needed. Tasks of non-medical professionals in the volunteer teams include:
Training local professionals on a variety of topics related to HIV/AIDS, including counseling, adherence, case management, improving access to services, and service integration.
International Volunteer Opportunities
ICEHA is currently offering the volunteer opportunities below for medical and non-medical HIV experts (MDs, RNs, PAs, PharmDs,social workers, health educators). For all assignments, expenses are paid. For longer-term assignments (3+ months), a stipend is also available. more
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