Volunteer with Interactive Voluntary Development Network

Interactive Voluntary Development Network (IVDN) is a non-political, non-religious and non-governmental organization, indigenously inspired and created, voluntary organization.

IVDN was founded in the year 2000 and has been recognized & registered with the Kenya Government through Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board as an NGO, (Registration Certificate No.OP.218/051/2004/0288/3454).By dint of being registered as an NGO, we are joined by a community of voluntary self-regulating organizations whose legal umbrella under the Non-governmental Coordination Act of Kenya, is the National Council of NGOs (more popularly known as the NGO Council). The NGO Council exist to provide overall leadership to the NGO sector by championing the values of the voluntary sector and promoting an enabling environment for non-governmental organizations.
IVDN will be glad to introduce you to a number of health institutions within the Kenyan coast and / or other regions as guided by the prevailing circumstances, where you will have an opportunity to rotate in medical specialties of your choice for a cumulative duration not exceeding 12weeks. The hospital administration will allow you to interact, clerk, examine patients and formulate management of various conditions under supervision of hospital’s Medical Officers (an equivalent of Senior House Officer) and Consultants. more
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