Volunteer with HOPE International Development Agency

HOPE International Development Agency is a Canadian, non-profit, international development agency based in New Westminster, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada.

Working in Africa, Asia, and the Americas in such countries as Ethiopia, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic, HOPE International undertakes and supports people-oriented projects. These projects empower people and communities in need.
Many projects focus on the provision of clean and safe water, sustainable living, primary health and sanitation, and the environment. The projects of HOPE are accomplished with the help of volunteers and the skills of the local people overseas, combined with the charity of people here who care.
Volunteer – Consider volunteering your time, skills, and energy to make a difference for people in need.

Overseas, through HOPE’s UNION program you can come to know people from a poor community by living and working alongside of them. Each year HOPE organizes groups of volunteers, or UNION teams, to participate in a community development initiative.
In Canada, HOPE relies on volunteers to help us raise money for people overseas. You could hold a fundraising event in your community, help bring people with a 'heart for the poor' to a HOPE dinner, or volunteer in the HOPE office. Contact HOPE's Volunteer Coordinator to learn about current volunteer opportunities in Canada. more
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