Volunteer with The Financial Services Volunteer Corps

The Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) is a not-for-profit, private-public partnership whose mission is to help build sound banking and financial systems in transition and developing countries. Such financial infrastructure is essential for a healthy market economy.
You have skills. You have experience. Now you want to give something back, create something, use what you know to make a difference in the lives of millions of people.

Join us at FSVC as we work with countries around the world to build the financial infrastructure upon which stable government and a vibrant economy rest. We are looking for experts in the following areas:
  • Central banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Investment banking
  • Capital markets
  • Corporate governance
  • Pension reform
  • Insurance reform
If we find a project that matches your qualifications, you'll be away from your job for one to two weeks. You'll meet with high-level government and banking officials, apply what you've learned during your career, and see first-hand how practical assistance yields concrete results. And you'll help create a bridge between professionals in the United States and abroad, linking industries, people and ideas. more
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