Volunteer with Etvo

Etvo is a global education programme that channels volunteers to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the south. These NGOs must already have an existing co-operation relationship with a Finnish NGO.

The programme aims at bringing benefits to the relationship and the work of both the receiving organisations in the south, as well as the Finnish civil society.

The volunteers have worked for example with environmental conservation, people with disabilities and with street children. The volunteer period varies from six to twelve months.

The purpose of the programme is to enhance dialogue between the south and the north and strengthen partnerships between the two. Involvement of the Finnish NGOs helps the volunteers to become active members of Finnish civil society when they return to Finland.

Having worked with Finnish funded development projects in the south, the volunteers will have a personal insight to international co-operation, its success stories and challenges. Etvo tries to channel their experiences into Finnish NGOs. more
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