Volunteer with Development in Action

Development in Action (DiA) is a development non-governmental organisation (NGO) run by young people for young people. Our main objective is to promote global citizenship by encouraging engagement in global issues amongst young people in the UK.
Volunteers work with local development organisations in the areas of: teaching (formal and non-formal); field work/research; child-care; nursing (work in health clinics and hospitals); and administrative work. In all the placements, the aim is for the volunteer to learn from and with their native fellow workers and the local community.

It is important that volunteers approach with humility the learning they are going to achieve from this experience and not the contribution they are going to give.
All Volunteers are part of a larger initiative to produce development resources with the aim of promoting cultural awareness in the UK. This gives volunteers an opportunity to share their learning and experiences with a wider audience. Currently volunteers are working on activity worksheets, articles, information sheets and photography stretching over a variety of topics such as solar energy, children's position in the community and the empowerment of women. There are opportunities for volunteers who are studying to work on dissertations or thesis where appropriate.
The DiA publication is produced quarterly and is a product of volunteers experiences and knowledge from India, DiA activities in the UK, topical educational development activities in the UK and the voice of our partner organisations in India. This provides an opportunity for volunteers to have work published. Read more
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