Volunteer with Development and Education Programme for Daughters and Communities

DEPDC is a non-profit community based NGO working in Thailand on the prevention side of the trafficking of women and children into the sex industry or other exploitative child labour situations. It offers free education, vocational training and full time accomodation for young girls and boys in an effort to achieve these goals.
Volunteering at DEPDC can be very rewarding for the volunteer, DEDPC staff and the children. Volunteers are always welcome at our main DEPDC site in Mae Sai or our other centre in Chiang Kong. We have had volunteers from America, Canada, Europe and Japan and some have stayed for up to 3 years. There are approximately six foreign volunteers at any one time here who stay for 6 months or more.
Volunteering at DEPDC is an opportunity for great personal development, an enriching cultural experience and a chance to help underprivileged children. During your time here you will learn about the matters which lie at the heart of DEPDC and the work it does to combat the trafficking of women and children into exploitative labour conditions and commercial sex work. You will gain an insight into how an NGO operates; learn about the socio-economic problems in Northern Thailand and the subsequent hardships faced by the lowland and hill tribe communities. You should also get the chance to develop close-knit friendships with the children, fellow volunteers and staff at DEPDC. more
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