Volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Cross-Cultural Solutions has operated international volunteer programs since 1995. Our first program was launched in India. Today, over 3,000 people volunteer with CCS each year.
Q) How do your international volunteer programs compare to the Peace Corps or VSO ?
A) Our volunteer programs are often viewed as a short-term alternative to the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps offers two-year placements, while Cross-Cultural Solutions offers one to twelve week placements. Also, the Peace Corps is a United States government initiative, while Cross-Cultural Solutions is an independent organization and is not influenced by the government in any of our decisions. The benefit to our status as an independent organization is that our volunteer work is matched to the needs of the community, local people, and partner organizations with whom we work. Learn more about the differences between Cross-Cultural Solutions and the Peace Corps.
Q) How many volunteers go abroad each year?
A) In 2006, over 3,000 volunteers participated in a Cross-Cultural Solutions program.
Q) In what countries can I volunteer abroad?
A) Cross-Cultural Solutions operates international volunteer programs in 12 countries — Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Peru, Russia, South_Africa, Tanzania, and Thailand.
Based on the program you choose, you will have a variety of program sites to choose from. Volunteer Abroad is available in 20 sites in 12 countries. Intern Abroad is available in 6 sites in 5 countries. Insight Abroad is available in Brazil (Salvador), Costa Rica (Cartago), Guatemala (Guatemala City), Peru (Lima), and Russia (Yaroslavl).
Q) Is Cross-Cultural Solutions affiliated with any other international or non-profit organizations?
A) Cross-Cultural Solutions is a member of International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA), Connect America, The New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce, Attorney General's Charities Bureau, Better Business Bureau, the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York and co-chair of The Brookings Institution Building Bridges Coalition, a project of the Brookings Institution focused on dramatically increasing the number of U.S. international volunteers. Read more about Cross-Cultural Solutions.
Q) How do you ensure that a participant benefits from a short-term international volunteer program?
A) Cross-Cultural Solutions has found that the international volunteer experience is truly realized when you are given the opportunity to learn about local culture and customs, as well as understand community development. The CCS Experience offers a balance of volunteer work, cultural and learning activities, and free time. This ensures that you are both learning about local culture and making a contribution within a relatively short period of time. Read more about the CCS Experience.
Q) How do you ensure that the community benefits from a short-term volunteer?
A) We have extensive quality assurance procedures set for all of the countries where we operate. All Cross-Cultural Solutions program sites undergo a comprehensive review process each year to assess their performance in the following areas: program quality, overall volunteer satisfaction, adherence to staff policies, medical procedure training, and security guidelines. We are dedicated to monitoring and continuously improving the volunteer experience on a daily basis. In 2005 and 2006, overall program satisfaction was 98%. Please contact us for more details.
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