Volunteer with CareTrek

CareTrek was created by Canadian Merna Schmidt. She has travelled on five continents, which inluded several years of volunteer work through various organizations in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Albania, and Kosovo. Merna found her experiences abroad to be so incredily fufilling that she wanted to create opportunities for others to engage in these life-enhancing activities She therefore designed a program that is based on her extensive background overseas, and works hard to find a placement that is individualized to fit with what each participant is looking for.
CareTrek arranges South Africa customized volunteer experiences! You tell us what kind of work you would like to do, and we'll work hard to find a project that matches what you're looking for.
People who have volunteered abroad describe their experience has "life-changing", "fulfilling", "rewarding", "challenging", and "the best time of their life"! You will experience South Africa from a far different perspective than that of just 'tourist'. You will become part of the community at a grassroots level and therefore come away with a far more richer, deeper understanding. You will experience life from the inside and not just as an outsider looking in. You will probably be surprised by how much you learn about yourself through this adventure as well! more
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