Volunteer with Campus California TG

Campus California TG is a private non-profit organization located in the small town of Etna in Northern California. The operations started in the final months of 2000 and has since then conquered a 12,000 sq ft building to house 40 people at any time, including staff, volunteers and participants training to go abroad to work at humanitarian and environmental development projects. In 2002 Campus California TG started its first Development Instructor program preparing people from several parts of the world to volunteer in Mozambique.
Later on Campus California TG started programs leaving for Zambia, Botswana, Nicaragua and Guatemala and has since its start trained and placed over 100 people from app. 25 different countries and all continents to work abroad. This is what is called the Development Instructor program, an activity that for many can turn out to be a life changing experience.
The situation in the world is serious. Dedicated volunteers to take part in the work to end poverty and to volunteer in Africa or Central America are needed. You, regardless of your previous experience, educational background, nationality or beliefs, can take part in this global volunteer action to make a difference. more
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