Volunteer with Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures is an award winning not-for-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating projects and expeditions that enhance global marine conservation and research
We welcome applications from volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. We have, on average, 14 volunteers on site at any one time, and never have more than 2 volunteers per staff member. In our experience these numbers allow us to maximise the research potential, whilst ensuring that the team gets the utmost enjoyment from the research. Larger numbers of people means that volunteers would dive less or feel less involved in the projects.
We have worked with volunteers from all over the world, many of whom have no scientific or biological background or training, providing a challenging educational and life experience that assists in successfully advancing volunteers' careers as skilled professionals and globally aware citizens.
We are able to assist student volunteers wishing to carry out undergraduate and postgraduate research projects during their time with Blue Ventures. For more information, or ideas on potential research topics, please contact our home science staff on research@blueventures.org. more
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