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ATPIA Internship program is divided into two levels. Level 1 is for persons 18 years of age or older who are looking for a small group work experience in Southern Africa.
Level two is for persons 18-24 years old who have either completed Level 1 or are former ATPIA participants, or have participated in other similar international volunteer programs.Our Advanced Volunteer Program is for anyone 24 years of age or older who have either international living experience or who have professional training in a needed vocation (such as HIV/AIDS counseling, domestic abuse counseling, conflict resolution training, nursing, midwifery or other medical qualifications, teaching and tutoring, computer & IT skills or other specialized skills).
ATPIA Level 1 Small Group Program
Our level 1 Program is designed to give students and individuals the foundation to be successful as future Level 2 interns or Advanced Placement Volunteers, and to have a positive growth experience in Southern Africa; while at the same time giving a bit of themselves to an under served community.Our experience has taught us that no matter how well meaning and enthusiastic an applicant may be, that the reality of living and working in an under served community in a developing nation can be stressful in addition to rewarding and exciting. So we want to do our best to assure that our participants not only develop a strong sense of who they are but also feel a true sense of success in doing something worthwhile.
The Level 1 programs focus on 3 specific areas and all training takes place in the host country:

HIV/AIDS Education and its effects on culture - Participants spend 1 week in HIV/AIDS Education training and one to two weeks in a volunteer work setting.

Orphan and Homeless Children -Participants spend 1 week in Education training and one to two weeks in a volunteer work setting.

Housing and community building - Participants spend 4-7 days in a community education program and then 8-15 days on a Habitat for Humanity build.

African Animal Conservation and Plant Ecology - Participants spend 10 days on site learning experience
Our Level 1 work segments are small group oriented with experienced leaders and instructors.
ATPIA Level 2 Individual Internship Programprerequisite:
To be a Level 2 Intern or Advanced Volunteer you must fall under at least one of the following:
1. After successfully completing our Level 1 experience program (or a similar program with another organization) participants between the ages of 18-23 may apply for a Level 2 internship. Level 2 interns are selected for a more comprehensive, individualized, work program which can run for 3 weeks to 6 month or on the applicants own time frame.
2. Or if you are 24 years old or older with previous travel experience to (preferably living experience in) a developing nation such as any African, Asian or Latin American country and are a skilled professionals or near professional (persons in their last phase of graduate studies) then ATPIA will consider a specialized Internship or Advanced Volunteer placement for you.
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