Volunteer with AidCamps International

AidCamps International is a registered charity that offers you the opportunity to participate in short term voluntary work development aid projects overseas in conjunction with local non-governmental organisations in the third world.
We offer the two basic kinds of volunteer placements:
Group AidCamps allow you to join an organised team with other like-minded volunteers to implement a community development aid project. They last for three weeks, run on specific dates, and are guided projects that include an planned itinerary.

Independent AidCamps are individual placements where we match you to a local development aid need. You can undertake one at almost any time and go for weeks or months. They are mainly suitable for self-reliant individuals and couples. In some cases we can organise Family AidCamps.

You can combine the two and do a Group + Independent AidCamp if you want.

We can also organise Private Group AidCamps if you've already got a "team" that would like to do a development aid project together. more
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