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The Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD), Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University is pleased to annnounce the RCSD visiting scholar and non-degree research fellowships for 2006-2007. The fellowships aim to enhance capacity of human resources in the Mekong Region by using social sciences tools in exploring and understanding changes, relationships and complexity of issues such as transborder, resource management, ethnicity, cultural diversity, etc. in the context of regionalized development. It also aims to enhance understanding, information sharing and mutual learning regarding emerging issues of the Mekong Region, linked to a deeper and boarder conceptual understanding and analysis.

The visiting scholar fellowships will be granted to academics, researchers, NGO workers from countries in the Mekong Region who would like to spend time in a dynamic multidisciplinary academic environment at RCSD for a period of three to six months. Fellows will be requested to write working papers based on their research projects and areas of their respective interests.

The non-degree research fellowships will provide the opportunity for interested people who are from both academic and non-academic sectors as such non-governmental organizations and media, etc. to engage in non-degree research under the supervision of RCSD faculty members. The non-degree research will be six months to one year in duration, and will result in a written report based on the research which will be later published as part of RCSD publication series. RCSD will provide continual assistance and practical support regarding the editorial processes.Both fellowships will be open to interested scholars, researchers, NGO workers, and media from countries in the Mekong Region. RCSD will provide support which includes a monthly stipend, traveling costs, health insurance, books and supplies for the visiting scholars. As for non-degree research fellowship, grant will also include monthly stipend, field research expenses and book and supplies.

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