Voice Grants

Voice is a new innovative grant facility that supports the most marginalised and discriminated people in ten low- and lower-middle income countries in Africa and Asia. It aims to amplify and connect thus far unheard voices in efforts to leave no one behind.

Voice is an initiative of and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands as part of their overall policy framework ‘Dialogue and Dissent’ and is executed by a consortium between Oxfam Novib and Hivos.

Other programmes under this policy framework are the Strategic Partnerships on Dialogue and Dissent and the Accountability Fund. The Ministry has a long tradition of supporting civil society organisations operating in low- and middle-income countries. The Ministry has a representative on the Advisory Board, which provides overall strategic guidance to the Consortium.

Voice stands out from other grant-making facilities by developing a grant application and reporting process that is accessible, user-friendly and innovative adapted to the target groups and grant type.
The Voice grant facility is designed to support informal groups as well as formal organisations and networks, though the applicant needs to be legally registered. These are the four different types of grants:

Empowerment Grant
Targeting (informal) groups or organisations to raise awareness, develop transformative leadership, build confidence and skills and work against stigmatisation of marginalised and discriminated groups. Empowerment grants are smaller grants with a maximum timeframe of 24 months. Informal groups can access funding by partnering with a formal ‘host’ organisation. Empowerment grants are available from €5,000 up to €25,000 on a rolling basis at the national level. All empowerment grant opportunities will be announced via the country pages.

Influencing Grant
Targeting organisations and networks to strengthen their lobby and advocacy capacities and amplify the voice of marginalised and discriminated groups. Influencing grants that are country specific are available from €25,000 to €200,000 while a global multi-country call goes up to a maximum of €500,000. Influencing grants have a maximum duration of 36 months. All influencing grant calls at national level will be announced via the country pages or via the home page for global multi-country level.

Innovate and Learn Grant
For groups and organisations to test and scale new approaches with a focus on human-centred innovations that are very context-specific. Innovate and learn grants are available from €5,000 to €200,000 both through a national and/or global call for proposals with a maximum duration of 24 months. All calls of this type will be announced via the country pages or via the homepage for global multi-country level.

Sudden Opportunity Grant
Creating flexibility to undertake collective action to address specific unanticipated opportunities. This could be influencing policy or dealing with a threatened reduction of civic space. Grants responding to a sudden opportunity are available on a rolling basis for a maximum duration of twelve months. This grant type is primarily available at the national level with limited opportunities for global grants. For more information please check the specific country pages. For global opportunities please contact the Coordination Team.

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