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leadership & motivation skills

Most people want to give their best and be their best at work. Work, at its best, is the play of adults. It should be fun, inspiring, rewarding and challenging. Too often it is not. Most organizations make it very complicated for people. Here we introduce “leadership and motivation” training program to help address this challenge. It aims to inspire and equip supervisors to empower employees to give their best.

  • Supervisors and managers.
  • Young and aspiring entrepreneurs & leaders.
  • Improve employee engagement.
  • Increase team productivity and efficiency.
  • Attract and retain the right talents for growth.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Bring the best out of your staff.
  • Inspire yourself to better lead others.
  1. Create the motivating work environment.
  2. Motivate through empowerment.
  3. Five steps to success as an empowering supervisor.
  4. Your primary checklists as a supervisor.
  5. Assessment of your leadership potential.
  6. Help staff members to motivate themselves.
  7. Develop your leadership power sources.
  8. Present a strong, effective image.
  9. Be alert of the seven unforgivable “killer” mistakes.
  10. Communicate through your attitude for quality, productivity & safety.
  11. Get yourself and your staff organized.
  12. How to become a successful supervisor & how to fail.
  13. Become an effective coach and counselor.
  14. What it takes to be a leader.
  15. Take care of your personal growth.
  16. Stay up-to-date in your planning & turn ideas and plans into results.
  17. Lead your staff to new heights.
  18. Handle conflicts amongst staff members.
  19. How to work with other departments & work groups.
  20. Management / leadership assessment scale.
APPROACH: Inspiring talks, personal reflections, group & pair activities, videos, role-plays, energizers.
DATES, TIMING & VENUE: 1-2 Aug 2015 from 08:00-17:00 at Sunway Hotel.
INVESTMENT: 200USD per participant inclusive of snack, lunch, certificate, and training materials.
REGISTRATION & DEADLINE: 099919144 / 015797985 / - latest by 24 Jul 2015.

THE TRAINER IN BRIEF: MBA in 2007. Over 13 years of practical experience with both international companies and organizations on general & life insurances, food & beverage, advertising, business consulting, auto vehicle, commercial banking and healthcare. Trained and directly inspired over 6,000 participants nationwide. Chairman, governing board of directors of BSDA. Founder of vbuild leaders.

FREE 3 HOUR MOTIVATIONAL TALK AT YOUR REQUEST: For students, parents & project beneficiaries.
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