Winning With Emotional Excellence By Dr. Leonard Yong

Our customers' testimonials:

"I would become a better leader"
Mr. Chim Guanghui, COO of ANZ Royal 

"Understanding people is the key to success"
Mr. Kann Kunthy, General Manager of DDD

" EE course: Exceed my expectation, Very Very Excellent"
Dr. Vathiny, Executive Director, RHAC

"The Winning With Emotional Excellence training allowed me to realize my own behavior and understand others behaviors; I have been practicing it in my daily life, in my workplace and every day I have an excellent day!"
Ms. LEE Kooi Hoon, Finance and Admin Manager, SOS

" EE Course helps me to know myself and way to improve it" & " Dr. Yong, He is great person I ever met"
Mr. Kea Borann, CEO, AMK Co., Ltd.

Language:           English
Venue:                 INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL
Duration:              2 Days (16 Hours)
Date:                    29-30 JULY 2014
Time:                   08:30 – 17:30
Admission Fee:    Super Early Bird Fee – Before 01 JULY 2014: USD 389.00
                            Early Bird Fee -Before 15 JULY 2014: USD 430.00  
Free:                    Coffee Breaks, Lunch, Training Materials and Certificate of
                            Completion from ITD Group (Malaysia)

What is Emotional Excellence?
  • What’s difference between EQ and EE?
  • EQ is an measurement of emotional intelligence, but Emotional Excellence comes from the continuous practice of good EQ practices
  • EE is a state of being – when we have reach Excellence in our emotional behaviors
  • EE plays an important part in creating a high performing organization
  • EE enable breakthroughs in organizational barriers
  • It focuses on inspiring and connecting with others instead of focusing on self-interest and impressing others 
Key Benefits of Program
  • Know your personality style and how it affects your emotions
  • Better manage emotions and reduced stress levels
  • Remain steadfast and resilient with high EQ principles
  • Stay healthy and live a longer and fuller life
  • Stay positive and focused in appreciation of the present and future
  • Be more flexible in dealing with others
  • Be more creative and open to ideas
  • Heal broken relationships, build stronger and meaningful relationships
  • Be trustworthy and gain high rapport with people
  • Be a more effective and innovative leader
  • Have a position and healthy work environment
  • Build high performing teams and a high EQ organization  

Objectives of the Training Program
  • Define Emotional Excellence, EQ and the heart of a high EQ organization
  • Learn more about your personality style and Emotional Excellence Score
  • Understand how perception influences a person’s behavior
  • Identify the different emotional orientations (perception of self) using the LEONARD Personality Inventory (Intrapersonal Skill)
  • Understand how conflicts arise using the LEONARD model (Data, Action, Task and Relations oriented behavior and potential conflicts)
  • Understand and Develop the Creative Potential within yourself and others
  • Learn the TENT technique to achieve Emotional Excellence – to achieve a balance in your life
  • Adopt a holistic approach in dealing with life pressure, stress and conflicts
  • Apply Emotional Excellence in dealing with others, team members and in leading the organization
  • Learn and apply 2 basic principles of life
  • Understand, adapt and know how to use high EQ leadership styles
  • Apply the concept and tools relating to Emotional Excellence to create the heart of a high EQ organization
  • Develop an action plan to take away and apply what has been earned

Why Come for this Program?
  • It is a life changing and life transforming program
  • Prof. Yong is well sought after internationally renowned presenter cum trainer
  • Has extensive experience and held key leadership positions in highly reputable organizations
  • His LPI ( Leonard Personality Inventory) tests have been widely used
  • His trainings are excellent and lively; he is eloquent and he has a message to deliver
  • Thousands of People and hundreds of Organizations have benefited from his programs

Come in Teams/Groups
  • Why come in a Team/Group?
  • Create the critical mass - your team can start the ball rolling to becoming emotionally excellent
  • A high EQ organization has a heart –created by a group of people & leaders exhibiting a high level of emotional excellence
  • When the heart of a high EQ Organization exists, people are engaged and give their fullest towards achieving the  organization’s goals

Who Should Attend?
  • This program is designed for all managers, leaders & professionals who need to have in-depth knowledge of human behaviors
  • Anyone who is interested in developing themselves to be a better leader and manager
  • Individuals who desire to apply psychological knowledge to result in management and leadership strategies
  • Individuals who wish to understand their emotions and how it affects those around them and their productiveness in the workplace 

In this two-day workshop, YOU WILL change your complicated life.
This training is including Leonard Personal Inventory (LPI) Test which cost 100$/test.

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