Child Rights, Classroom and School Management

290b Child Rights, Classroom and School Management

Part 1: September 15 - October 9, 2014
Part 2: 10 days in March 2015 in one of the participating countries

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) is a government agency responsible for the major part of Sweden’s development cooperation. Focus on long-term knowledge and competence development constitutes a major feature in all development cooperation.
Sida offers, as part of its bilateral development assistance, Advanced International Training Programmes of strategic importance to the social and economic development of cooperating countries based on identified priorities and needs. In the long-term perspective the programmes shall contribute to institutional strengthening and capacity development in the cooperating countries.

These programmes aim at enhancing managerial and technical skills and cover subjects of strategic importance to economic and social development. The Training Programmes are designed for experienced executives from middle and top management positions in their respective organisations.

With the Training Programmes, Sida aims to contribute to processes of change and development in the participants' organisations and lines of businesses. The foundation of the entire programme is a project assignment. The assignment shall be well established in the participants’ organisations and it is a basic part of the programme concept. 

Objectives and goals

From a development perspective, the overall objective of Child rights, Classroom and Schol Management ITP programme is: “to improve participating countries’ capacity to offer and ensure everyone's right to relevant and quality education, an education that is safe and secure, inclusive, student-centred, democratic and problem-solving and that creates opportunities for all, regardless of background, to participate in community life as active citizens.”  The main objective is change processes that will contribute to the realization of the intention of the Child Rights Convention in policy as well as in practice.
The specific objectives of the training programme are for the participants to gain:
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the CRC. 
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the Education for All (EFA) and MDGs targets, relevant international concepts such as child-friendly schools, inclusive education and education for democracy and human rights (EDHR) and other relevant international instruments. 
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of experiences, methods and tools for organizational change in general, and rights-based (participation, inclusive and transparent) and democratic methods and tools for change in particular. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of Swedish and other international methods for translating children's rights and democratic values into practice in schools and in the classroom.  
  • Expanded international and national networks to work with the CRC and other relevant international conventions and instruments.
Closing date for applications: April 27, 2014
Sida will cover the costs of:
  • participation and training such as lectures, literature, documentation, study tours and certain social activities
  • accommodation including board and lodging,
  • international travel cost to and from Sweden
  • international travel cost to and from the progress workshop in Indonesia

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