Adam Khoo Live

Finally, we can bring Asia's top speakers to speak in Cambodia!

Who are they?
  1. Adam Khoo, Asia #1 Success Coach - one of the Youngest Millionaires in Singapore
  2. Rich Dad Asia Bellum Tan - Robert Kiyosaki 's Investment Partner, and
  3. Jonathan Quek, Asia's Youngest Wealth Coach!
Key highlights Of the Topics that They Will Talk About:
  • The fastest way to generate a million dollars in less than 5 years with only 10% or less of your average salary
  • Market outlook for 2014 and investment opportunities that gives you the highest yield
  • How to accurately pick a winning stock just before it rises even in a volatile market
  • The secret of no-money down to owning more than 11 properties in less than 3 years
  • How to make over US$20,000 profit per month with consistency despite the stock market crash
Our purpose is to educate and expose you to today's possibilities of creating additional paychecks for the rest of your life, without having to compromise on time.
Discover the missing pieces and experience what could be the most enlightening event that will literally fire-up your financial knowledge and transform your life.
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