Children with Cancer UK Grant

Children with Cancer UK’s mission is a threefold one of “Cause, Care, Cure”.

This grant call is for proposals for research projects that address causal and promotional factors and possible preventative actions relating to the risk of cancer in children and young persons. There will be other, treatment-related, grant calls announced early in 2019.

We are particularly interested in projects that will improve knowledge of the genetic and environmental causes and biological mechanisms of paediatric and young person cancers.

We will not consider requests to fund large case-control epidemiological studies except those that propose to use existing data or sample collections to test specific hypotheses.

We particularly welcome submissions relevant to the teenage and young adult age group.

What can the funding be used for?
Our project grants are intended to provide funds for the employment of suitably qualified staff and the purchase of essential equipment and consumables for projects lasting up to three years that address the objectives outlined above.

Please note that we will not contribute towards the cost of tenured posts nor can we contribute towards institutional overheads.

The maximum amount that can be applied for under this call is up to £250,000 for applications from a single institution, or up to £350,000 for collaborations involving more than one institution, though most grants will be for less than this. You may also apply for grants to fund shorter pilot investigations to test hypotheses.

Who may apply?
We will consider funding international collaborations where researchers from a UK institution play a leading role.

Please note that we will accept no more than two proposals from a single research group.

Application process and timetable
There is a two-stage application process. The first stage is a preliminary proposal which must be submitted using our online grants portal, following the link below. Preliminary proposals are reviewed by our grant panel who will decide which to put through to the second stage. Decisions are based on the perceived NEED of the proposed research, the potential IMPACT of the proposed research and the capacity of the research team to deliver the proposed research.

Second stage applications will be subject to full, external peer review to assess the scientific quality of the detailed research proposal.

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