EIT Climate-KIC Funding

EIT Climate-KIC is looking to support ambitious initiatives with a clear pathway to positive climate impact, consistent with the Paris Agreement targets and our Climate Innovation Impact Goals.
There are 5 options when applying to this call. These run in parallel. The route you choose to apply through will be dependent on the country in which you/ your organisation reside, the content and aim of your project, and for innovation for the stage your project is at:
  • Climate Innovation Ecosystems
  • Earlier Stage Innovation
  • Later Stage Innovation
  • Education
  • RIS
Funding type
Project size – guidelines
Climate Innovation Ecosystems projects typically receive a maximum of €300,000 through EIT Climate-KIC annually, lasting 1-3 years

Earlier Stage projects can apply for an EIT grant up to €100,000 and last no more than 12 months

Later Stage Projects: There are no specific limits, these are typically €150,000 to €1 million and lasting up to 3 years

RIS Projects can apply for an EIT grant of up to €30,000 and last no more than 12 months

Education varies per programme, please see the call for proposals guidance for details on what funding is available based on eligible project costs per programme.

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