"AYNI" is a Quechua / Kichua word, its meaning is reciprocity, equality and justice from the indigenous worldview. FIMI's AYNI Fund is created and directed by and for Indigenous Women, based on an innovative intercultural philanthropy, which objective is to accompany and co-invest human, financial and material resources with women of indigenous organizations and communities, in order to achieve compliance with their Human Rights, both individual and collective.

Leading from the South (LFS) is a special fund created to support human rights activism, shaped, implemented and led by organizations, groups of women from the global south, working for political, social empowerment and economic development of women and gender equality.

LFS is a grant program funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is constituted as a joint program, implemented by four women's Funds. Three of them are regional: the Women from the South Fund (Latin America and the Caribbean), the African Women Development Fund (Africa and the Middle East), Women's Fund Asia, and a global fund, FIMI’S Fund AYNI, which is the first and only fund directed by and for indigenous women in Latin America, Asia, Pacific and Africa.

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