UNDP Afghanistan - Call for Proposal for small grants

Here UNDP invites different CSOs/NGOs/CBOs to submit their proposal for below small grant project.

Corruption in Afghanistan is systemic and affects the people and the country at every level. In 2016, it was estimated that Afghans paid USD 2.9 billion in bribes to corrupt officials.  Corruption is a major obstacle to an effective and equal access to the justice system and to the Rule of Law. It impedes economic development; constitutes a breach to human rights and access to basic services and drives insecurity. Overall, corruption undermines the government’s ability to implement its policies, and affects people in their interactions with authorities. It is also a waste of donor resources as it is estimated that for every USD 8 billion of aid to Afghanistan, USD 1 billion is lost to corruption.  61% of the Afghan people claim that “corruption is a major problem in their daily life”.   With a rising insurgency, the government’s legitimacy itself is at risk, which is yet another incentive for the government to effectively combat corruption. President Ghani himself repeatedly pointed out that corruption weakens Afghanistan’s ability to respond to the conflict and stalls peace efforts, and recognized that curbing corruption was critical for Afghanistan. 

This call for proposals welcomes activities/projects by CSOs/NGOs/CBOs aiming at one or more of the following outputs:

Category I: Increased access to information regarding government activities and public service delivery through promoting the understanding, implementation and usage of the Access to Information Law as a way to increase transparency and accountability;

Category II: Strengthened capacity of journalists and media to investigate corruption-related issues and/or utilize the provisions of the Access to Information law to enhance transparency and accountability;

Category III: Supported informed and inclusive participation of citizens for increased transparency and accountability through community-based monitoring;

Category IV: Anti-Corruption Justice Center trials monitoring.

  1. Be legally registered as CSO/NGO and in possession of a valid registration certificate;
  2. Have an established office and have been in operation for a minimum of three (3) years with transparent and accountable financial management systems and procedures;
  3. Have a record of similar/related experience in line with this call for proposal;
  4. Key project management team should have relevant experience in a relevant field for a minimum of three (3) years of direct project/program management experience.

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