U.S. Embassy Kampala - Small Grants Human Rights Program

Document Type:     Grants Notice
Funding Opportunity Number:     DOS-KAM-SMGDHRF-FY16
Funding Opportunity Title:     Small Grants Human Rights Program
CFDA Number(s):     19.700 -- General Department of State Assistance

U.S. Embassy Kampala, Small Grants Office announces an open competition for organizations interested in submitting applications for projects that promote and protect LGBTI rights in Uganda. The purpose of the program is to support human rights organizations that provide immediate services and assistance to the LGBTI community. This is aimed at improving the current reality for the LGBTI community while advocating and promoting a more inclusive future. The short-term goals involve safety and security for the LGBTI community, including access to health care facilities and victim services if needed. The long-term goals involve changing the perception of homosexuality and of individuals in the LGBTI community. The Small Grants Office will particularly consider grant proposals that increase the visibility of LGBTI individuals, promote awareness and evidence-based education, with a particular focus on young people, and engage directly with key religious organizations. 

The Small Grants Office welcomes applications from Uganda-based non-profit organizations/nongovernment organizations (NGO). Community Based Organizations (CBO) and Grassroots organizations are encouraged to apply.

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