Fellowship for Social Innovators

What are you most passionate about? How would you change the world, if you could? What would you need to implement that vision? Can you imagine being surrounded by others just as passionate as you to help make it happen?
The Diplomat Fellowship is dedicated to creating and discovering solutions for the greatest social impact, in urban communities throughout the world. The Fellowship is an experiential, relevant, practical and exciting way to rethink our assumptions, our collective genius and the ways we solve problems. We aim to produce the next generation of thought leaders who will change not only a community, but also the world.

The 2015 Diplomat Fellows will be visionary change agents, hard at work, incubating new approaches to the planet’s toughest challenges. The program—exposing Fellows to negotiation, entrepreneurship and innovation—is committed to social impact through entrepreneurial action.

What is the Diplomat Fellowship Program?

Diplomat CEO Phil Hagerman calls the Fellowship program “an inspirational hands-on opportunity for college students who want to change the world and have a transformational impact on the lives of others.”
It’s more than a summer program. It’s a life-changer, and a calling. 
The Fellowship is a structured program that includes cohort meetings and seminars, a mid-project evaluation, and a final project presentation at the end of the summer. It is an extra-curricular program for which Fellows do not gain course credit. However, a certificate of achievement will be provided, as well as access to project funding opportunities.

The Fellowship allows you to take on an important societal challenge. Sample areas include health care, homelessness, environment, education, economy and emergency preparedness and response. Fellows will be expected to:
  • Identify, summarize and analyze publicly available, relevant research conducted to date.
  • Create a solution that can be replicated for a well-defined social challenge in an urban environment.
  • Outline recommendations for further study and research.
  • Make recommendations on policy implications of the research.
  • Draft white papers, along with presentations for dissemination to sector.
The Diplomat Fellowship provides the Fellows with a stipend of $4,000 over the course of the summer program to create a social venture. The purpose of the funding is to allow the Fellows to work full-time on their venture during the summer. Fellows should expect to work up to 30 hours a week. Fellows will be responsible for travel, meals and other incidental expenses.

Please notify Diplomat staff if you have any concerns with ability to support your personal expenses.
In addition to project deliverables, Fellows are responsible for maintaining strong communication and accountability with their cohort members and our Fellowship organizers to ensure a positive and effective relationship.
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