Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Recognizing that ecosystems are the basis of the planet’s health, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund provides financial support for the study of wildlife, the protection of habitats and community conservation and education. The goal is to support conservation organizations focused on long-term positive impacts for wildlife and habitats. To date, the DWCF has awarded more than $24 million to projects in 112 countries. The Annual Conservation Grants are by invitation only.

In times of true crisis, emergency funding is provided in response to urgent environmental or conservation needs. Each year the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund sets aside dollars in a Rapid Response Fund. This funding has been used for such urgent needs as replacing housing or belongings for field scientists affected by civil unrest in Rwanda, cleaning sea turtle nesting sites on beaches demolished by tsunamis, and purchasing medicines to combat disease outbreaks. These awards are capped at $5,000 and can be applied for throughout the year. Send an email to the address in the contact information found below to detail the request and obtain the invitation code.

What situations are eligible to submit a Rapid Response Fund proposal?
Proposal eligibility is considered against the following criteria:
  • Predictability: Address an immediate/emergency need facing animals (wild or domestic) or habitat that cannot be deferred to the annual review process
  • Urgency: We define "emergency" as an unforeseen circumstance. How predictable was/is the threat? Has the threat significantly increased in severity in recent days/weeks?
  • Reversibility: Is the conservation impact of the threat reversible? Will the impact be very difficult / impossible to reverse if not tackled within days/weeks?
  • Probability of Success: Have a high probability of immediate positive impact and demonstrate the proposed solution will be successful in the current situation
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