Darwin Initiative

The Darwin Initiative is funded by both the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). It is expected that around 90% of projects will be funded by DFID and 10% funded by Defra.

There are different eligibility criteria for projects funded by DFID for Main projects. Applications to the Darwin Initiative must identify if they are applying for funding from DFID or Defra. It is not possible for one project to apply for both funding pots.

Applications for DFID funding must support developing countries meet their obligations under one or more of the conventions listed above AND benefit poor people living in Low and/or Lower Middle Income countries (excluding India). DFID can fund projects within an upper middle income country (UMIC) (excluding South Africa) if the application clearly demonstrates that it either:

advances knowledge, evidence and impact in other least developed or low income countries OR
contributes to the global public good, for example by advancing understanding and/or strengthening the knowledge base related to biodiversity conservation/sustainable use and poverty reduction OR
contributes to serious and unique research advancements on a critical issue as a result of specific circumstances of the middle income country that could not be made elsewhere

Eligibility criteria
Applications for Defra funding must support developing countries (Upper Middle, Lower Middle and Low Income countries including India and South Africa i.e. columns 1-4 of Table 1 below) to meet their obligations under the conventions listed above and address drivers of biodiversity loss.

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