NOMADS EMMC - exploring without borders-documentary filmdirecting

The new DOC NOMADS European Master Course is a 2-year-long (120 ECTS) documentary film making course taught in English and delivered by three European Universities: Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias of Lisbon, Hogeschool Sint-Lukas of Brussels and the consortium leader University of Theatre and Film of Budapest.

The Consortium enjoys the backing of 17 associated members: national and European TV and production companies, professional associations, documentary umbrella organizations, European, African, Far-Eastern, Russian, North- and South-American Universities are there to improve the quality of the DOC NOMADS EMMC.

DOC NOMADS aims at developing students’ basic skills in technics, fieldwork and writing, as well as their creative filmmaking and managing skills in an international production environment within the framework of a truly integrated training that marry traditional European art education and modern
studies based on the film, media and new media industry’s requirements.

The basic underlying idea is that the students are immersed into different cultures and social environments which makes them more sensitive to different documentary practices, ways of communication enhancing their capabilities to work outside their own cultural contexts, therefore mobility from Lisbon to Brussels via Budapest is compulsory for all students.

The students of this itinerant school explore, via the best Portuguese, Hungarian, Belgian, European and international masterpieces, the history and the new forms of documentary, as well as its outstanding representantives, most of whom are involved in the Master Course. It is a practice-based training: a particular attention is given to fieldwork and practical courses that deepen the students’ theoretical knowledge and encourage them to define their own style. Building on the cultural diversity,
DOC NOMADS offers students an excellent opportunity for establishing international cooperation and networks that helps them to achieve personal success.

DOC NOMADS is open to European and Third Country students with a BA degree in Motion Picture or Media Studies; other degrees are accepted for applicants with a convincing portfolio. In order to guarantee a high-quality individual training, small group tuition is offered. The tuition fee, including full medical cover, is 4,000 € per semester both for European and Third Country students.

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