ME3 - European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy

The European joint Masters of Science in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy (ME3) is an inter-disciplinary program which brings together Management and Engineering ; Energy and Environment; and European and outside Europe collaborations. The ME3 program prepares
students to work in industrial or academic sectors, in  internationally-oriented working environments, where a solid background in state-of-the art of process technology is required, together with the ability to deal with multi-cultural management and working practices.

The ME3 consortium combines five prestigious European institutions and 21 associated members (including industrial, European and non-European institutions and NGO) . ME3 is taught by some of the most competent teachers in their own particular field, contributing to the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and new industrial developments from different countries. Moreover, the diversity of the background and culture of lecturers and students enhances the diversification of the management and engineering solutions. Energy and environment issues are no longer isolated and cannot be dealt with in each country or region independently from the others. With ME3, the quality of European higher education in the management and engineering of environment and energy benefits from crossfertilisation of solutions and methods. ME3 graduates acquire the professional skills required to pilot complex engineering projects in industry, to solve environmental and energy issues and to achieve the potentials, through an integrated approach, taking into account human, social and economic challenges.

The programme is open to students with a 3-year Bachelor or equivalent in the fields of Engineering. Admission criteria include the applicant’s capacity, motivation, and experience, recommendations and language skills. The joint program lasts 2 years including three academic semesters (30 ECTS each) devoted to acquisition and consolidation of knowledge and skills and a 6-month industrial or research internship culminating in the writing of a thesis. (30 ECTS). The language of instruction is English. Successful graduates receive Master’s degrees from their pathway institutions and a diploma supplement. ME3at a glance: Launched in 2007; 5 intakes (139 students corresponding to60 % male and 40% female, coming from 40 different nationalities); 100 lecturers worldwide (30 experts are coming from outside the ME3 consortium ;15 from the corporate world). For the next sessions with the opening of two new semester options the expected enrolment is of around 33 students. The costs of the program will be of 8000 EUR/year for Cat. A and 4000 EUR/year for Cat. B EM scholarships holders.

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