Food ID - European Master Food Identity

The Master Food Identity's programme aims at developing future executives, in the agri-food sector, who are to become experts in typical food products development, an area of significant and growing importance in international food production and marketing. The programme offers a vision of regional food products and their cultural aspects like the 'produits de terroir*' through teaching and learning in 5 countries (France, Italy, Romania, UK and Spain). Teaching is in French and English. Moreover, the joint programme is designed to develop both technical and commercial skills through a curriculum focussing on the development of quality regional food products, associated agri-business and the presentation of these products to the market. Students will develop knowledge of the concept of typical food products (how the soil, human community and socio-cultural aspects act collectively to develop specific regional food products). They will learn the technical aspects of developing these products including food processing, production management, quality control and sensory analysis. The course combines theory with practical perspectives gained through practical work in pilot plants, visits to production sites and to retailers. Strategic knowledge including quality marks, international regulations and policies, international trading and agribusiness marketing completes the programme to give all the essential ingredients to a successful regional food product development and incorporates marketing regional food products to the global market.

Professionally-oriented, the programme continues with a case study in groups of 3-4 students on a real case from a SME to apply knowledge and develop project management skills. The programme is completed with a master thesis for 6 to 8 months in a company which deals with typical food products.

*A terroir is a unique and delimited geographic area for which a collective knowledge of the interaction between the physical and biological environment, local industries and cultural practises is building up. This interaction provides unique characteristics and creates recognition for goods originating from a specific area. Terroir includes specific landscape characteristics and territory values.

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