EUROPHILOSOPHIE - Philosophies allemande et française dans l'espace européen

The Erasmus Mundus “Contemporary German and French Philosophy” (EuroPhilosophie) Master is an academic program offering high-level research in philosophy whose goal is to contribute to the development of a new generation of young researchers endowed with critical analysis and the creation of new knowledge in the sociocultural field interacting with the academic world at large.

Its areas of teaching focus on the impact of and interaction between contemporary French and German philosophy, insofar as the triple impact of classical German philosophy (from Kant to Marx), Husserlian and Heideggerian phenomenology, and 20th-century French philosophy has systematically affected and transformed the entire field of European social sciences and humanities.

The Eramus Mundus EuroPhilosophie Master is a Franco-German bilingual program of two years in length. The 9 Partner Universities of the EuroPhilosophie Consortium are:
1) University of Toulouse II - Le Mirail (France, courses in French). Co-ordinating University.
2) University of Bonn (Germany, courses in German)
3) University of Coimbra (Portugal, courses in French).
4) University of Hosei (Japan, courses in French)
5) Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium, courses in French).
6) University of Memphis (United States, courses in English)
7) Charles University of Prague (Czech Republic, courses in French and German)
8) University of Sao Carlos (Bresil, courses in French)
9) University of Wuppertal (Germany, courses in German)

The 6 European universities of the Consortium and the University of Memphis will award a Master's Degree in Philosophy to each student who has successfully completed a semester (30 ECTS credit points) on campus by taking courses recognized by the EuroPhilosophie program.

Non-European students and students holding an A-level scholarship attend the European universities of the Consortium. European Students and students holding a B-level scholarship attend, during the second semester of the first year, one of the three non-European universities of the Consortium, which form three major poles of the reception, study and promotion of contemporary European philosophy in the contexts of North America, South America and Asia.

L’Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris is an associate member of the EuroPhilosophie Master. It organises on its prestigious campus the program's spring workshop.

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