EUROAQUAE - Euro Hydroinformatics and Water Management

Evolution of human activities, development of technology and economic constraints, in the foreground of climate changes and growing population, induce situations even more complex to manage. Sustainable development and, above all, management of water resources represent a major challenge for postindustrial economy and urban social organization. The essential aim of water management worldwide is to minimize or avoid crisis risks in water supply, waste water treatment, water scarcity, floods, etc.

Initiated in Europe more than 25 years ago, hydroinformatics emerge as the central element for the progress of modeling activities and management of capacities, either on the theoretical side or in the operational field. Development of ICT allows for a synergetic use of simulation tools and communication technologies within a single methodological approach dealing with physical, social and economical aspects. The only successful issue to the above challenge implies common views/actions from decision makers and users (population, governments, administration, elected bodies, NGOs...) and from executive bodies (water companies).

EuroAquae MSc prepares and trains future scientists or executive engineers in charge of modelling/managing in hydro-technological and environmental projects. These professionals have vocation to assist local, national and international bodies and to be involved in private companies.

The master is organized in a pedagogic continuum to provide introduction and common knowledge/soft skills (sem.1 all EU locations), acquisition and use of Hydroinformatics concepts, methods and tools (sem.2 UK), a thematic specialisation: hydroinformatics systems, urban waters management, inland waters management, decision support systems (sem.3 all EU & Third countries locations except UK) and for semester 4 (all locations), a research project or a professional practice. The mobility scheme covers from 3 to 5 locations. Under specific conditions participants can follow lectues and received credits with the non European partner institutions.

A strong partnership established with the leading industrial actors of the water domain offers to the participants multiple opportunities for their carreers.Lectures are given in English for 40 participants mixing European and third-country students. The consortium issues a joint degree defined as MSc in Hydroinformatics & Water Management recognized by all the participating countries.

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