COSSE - Computer Simulation For Science and engineering

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is a multidisciplinary field of great importance for hightech industry and scientific/engineering research. The basis of CSE, i.e., mathematical modelling, numerical analysis, computer science and visualisation, provides the tools for computer simulation and virtual prototyping.

The objective of the COSSE programme is to establish a world-class educational Master programme in CSE which opens career paths in knowledge-based industries as well as academic research.The
high-quality curriculum and stimulating study environment is enabled by the coordination of diversity and expertise of four high-ranking universities. COSSE is a two-year programme building on a high
quality BSc or BEng degree with advanced level courses in mathematics, numerical methods, computer science and at least one applied course in e.g. fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, or biocomputing.

The students of COSSE will receive a double degree from two universities located in different countries. A student starts at the home university the first year taking courses corresponding to 60
ECTS credit points and then spends the second year at the host university taking specialization courses of 30 ECTS credit points and a Master Thesis project of 30 ECTS credit points supervised by both the home and the host university. At all universities of COSSE the Master Thesis project can be done at a research group or in cooperation with industry partners.

The specializations of COSSE and the degrees obtained are:
  • KTH: Computational Biology, Computational Materials Science (Master of Science)
  • TU Berlin: Computational Control Theory, Computational Optimization (Master of Science)
  • TU Delft: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical linear Algebra (Master of Science in Applied Mathematics)
  • University Erlangen: Scientific Visualisation and Image Processing, High Performance Computing (Master of Science)

The programme is intended for a small number of highly qualified and motivated students. The student/staff ratio is around 4-5. The language of instruction is English. Admission Requirements: High quality Bachelor's degree in science or engineering; admission on competitive basis; good knowledge of English.

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