AGRIS MUNDUS - MSc in Sustainable Development in Agriculture

The ambition of the Agris Mundus Masters course is to provide experts who can fulfil positions in the
numerous national and international organisations in charge of agricultural and rural development in the developing countries.

Academic objectives are to train students coping with the current international and global concerns in
agricultural development. Graduates are qualified to identify and critically analyse key factors shaping the development of crop, forest and animal production, the management of research and rural development projects and finally, the sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. They are trained to formulate and provide effective and appropriate responses to complex agriculture and natural resources related issues.

The Agris Mundus Masters Course is a product of AGRINATURA, the network of European Universities for Higher Education tropically and subtropically oriented in agriculture. Since 1988, AGRINATURA collaborates closely with institutions in Asia, Africa and the Americas in providing post graduate education and training opportunities. It focuses on improving the management of rural and agricultural development for disadvantaged populations. This innovative approach is based on mobility of people, different disciplines exchanging experiences and the establishment of a common high quality standard in education and training.

Six major EU Universities in the have joined forces to build the programme : Wageningen Universiteit in the Netherlands, University of Copenhagen in Denmark, University College, Cork in Ireland, Università degli Studi di Catania in Italy, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain, and Montpellier SupAgro in France. The programme involves one year (M1) in one institution, and one year (M2) in a different EU country. 10 training tracks are offered, based on different M1/M2 combinations. Two joint summer courses and a jointly supervised master thesis complete the programme which is now running since 2006.

The Agris Mundus Alliance also gathers a number of organisations from the third countries (or international bodies) that are associated to Agris Mundus to collaborate in the master thesis or hosting the fieldwork.

Students are awarded with a single joint degree, when national or University regulations make it possible between the two universities associated to one specific track. When this is not (yet) possible, they are awarded with two nationally recognized masters degrees (diplomas of each of the two M1 and M2 universities), together with a specific Agrinatura certificate in Sustainable Development in Agriculture, and a joint diploma supplement.

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