Japan Fund for Global Environment

Environmental issues such as global climate change, desertification and deforestation of tropical forests, loss of biodiversity are posing challenges to modern society. Unsustainable consumption of natural resources in both developed and developing countries threaten not only the supply of resources themselves but also whole ecosystems. Likewise, the impact of these problems is not confined to the administrative boundaries or regions, and so cannot be solved without borderless cooperation. Therefore, international collaboration is important for the environmental conservation for the future.

The Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE), a division of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency of Japan (ERCA) was established in 1993 by an initial endowment from the Japanese government together with contributions from the private sectors, including individuals and private corporations. The interest accrued from these fund management is then used to support for the activities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations (NPOs) aiming at environmental conservation.

Organizations eligible for the Grant
Applicant must meet all of the following criteria:
  1. The organization must be a non-governmental organization(NGO) or a non-profit organization(NPO)
  2. The organization must possess an Articles of Incorporation or its equivalent bylaws
  3. The organization must possess a well-established board of directors and work forces that make decisions for the organization and implements the activities of the proposed project
  4. The organization must possess an accounting structure capable of bookkeeping and self-auditing
  5. The organization must possess an office that serves as a base of their activities
  6. The organization must prove that they have enough capacity to execute the proposed project by presenting the firm evidence, such as activity report of previous activities and achievements

Eligible activities for the JFGE Grant
Conservation activities that fall into following categories are eligible;
a. Nature protection, conservation and restoration
b. Forest conservation and tree/grass planting
c. Anti-desertification
d. Agriculture of environmental conservation type
e. Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
f. Building of a recycle-oriented society
g. Air, water and soil conservation
h. Comprehensive environmental education
i. Comprehensive environmental conservation activities
j. Other environmental conservation activities

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