Workshop on Economic Empowerment of Women

Workshop on
Economic Empowerment of Women
25 August -11 September, 2014

The proposed training program aims at contributing to women’s empowerment by exploring aspects of entrepreneurship as a contributor to income generation and employment. The participants will be exposed to the various aspects of planning, development and management of small businesses so that by the end of the workshop they will be able to facilitate the initiation, organization and management of small businesses effectively and profitably.

During the training the participants will:
  • exchange know - how on different tools for fostering women’s entrepreneurial potential
  • widen their knowledge of support systems for small-scale entrepreneurs as a tool for regional and local development
  • discuss the position of women entrepreneurs at times of rapid global change
  • become familiar with agribusinesses in Israel
  • present a practical proposal for supporting women to start or improve a business in their own settings.

The workshop will include professional lectures and visits on the following subjects:
  • Entrepreneurial Training – Business Laboratories – How to start and manage a microenterprise
  • Marketing and branding strategies for small businesses
  • Women in business networking
  • Support systems in Israel and best practices in promoting innovative entrepreneurship
  • Rural Tourism
  • New trends in modern agriculture (technological advancements, nutritional concerns, water/energy management)

The workshop is geared towards policy-makers, professionals and practitioners involved in socioeconomic development, as well as representatives of women’s organizations. Candidates should hold an academic degree in related disciplines, and have at least five years of professional work experience in related fields. A full command of English is required.

Application forms and other information may be obtained at the nearest Israeli mission and on Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website: (in- Courses - Registration Forms).
Completed application forms, including the medical form, should be sent to the relevant Israeli mission by or before June 25th, 2014. Two additional copies of the application must be sent to Ms. Shula Ferdman ( and to Ms. Neomy Deutch ( at MCTC and to Ms. Sara Rofeh ( at MASHAV.

Tuition, board, lodging (two participants per room) and excursions in Israel will be covered by MASHAV. AIR TICKETS AND ALL OTHER EXPENSES ARE TO BE COVERED BY PARTICIPANTS

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